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Native Circles

Dr. Farina King & Sarah Newcomb

This podcast features "Native History Nerds" who emphasize that Native American and Indigenous histories and stories need to be taught and learned by everyone, not only in North America but also throughout the world. The primary hosts and founders of Native Circles are Dr. Farina King (Diné) and Sarah Newcomb (Tsimshian), who were inspired to start this podcast to educate wider publics about the interconnections and significance of Native American, Native Alaskan, and Indigenous experiences and matters. Dr. King is the Horizon Chair of Native American Ecology and Culture and an associate professor of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. Based in Dallas, Texas, Newcomb works as a freelance editor, writer, and blogger with degrees in English and a focus in Non-Fiction Creative Writing. Learn more about the podcast and episodes on the official website of "Native Circles" at
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